What is home care?

Home care is designed to help people ‘age in place,’ in other words, live independently in the comfort of home.

This category of services includes any kind of professional support or assistance an individual may need while recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Some individuals may require home care for ongoing (long-term) needs as well.

How can we help?

Your companion provides assistance for all kinds of everyday needs. Their duties include but are not limited to:

Fall prevention
Medication reminders
Activities of daily living
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Household tasks
Appointment escorting
Shopping and errands
Hobbies and activities
General supervision

How do I know if I need home care?

If living at home has recently made you stressed, lonely or fearful due to risk of injury or inability to perform certain tasks, you may be the perfect candidate for home care.

In general, people who want to maintain their independence and continue living at home benefit greatly from a personal caregiver. This includes individuals recovering after surgery, battling an illness, overcoming an injury, or even someone whose children or grandchildren work during the day or live far away.

Just get in touch, and a helpful Passion to Care coordinator can coach you through the decision-making process.

What if I only need help for a short time?

Passion to Care’s home care services are completely flexible. While some prefer a few hours of companionship each day, others require 24/7 assistance. Likewise, care can span just a couple of weeks or for many years, depending on your exact situation.

We customize support for each individual, so be sure to let us know your exact needs.

Can I trust my caregiver?

Inviting a stranger into your home can be scary, but rest assured, Passion to Care caretakers are exceedingly trustworthy and reliable. Our caregivers are thoroughly trained, certified, monitored and vetted via a series of intense background checks and educational requirements as governed by state and federal authorities.

Furthermore, our coordinators work diligently to pair clients with a person that’s perfect for them. We make sure the individual speaks your language, understands your preferences and makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Can I request a live-in caregiver?

Yes, but you must provide a private room where your caregiver may sleep. Also, please note that around-the-clock caregivers must have regular time off. On those days, a substitute caregiver will serve in their place.

What languages do your caregivers speak?

Passion to Care currently employs caregivers speaking the following languages:


Can I change my caregiver’s hours?

If you would like to increase, decrease, temporarily suspend or change your caregiver’s visiting hours, please contact your Passion to Care coordinator. They’ll be happy to work out a plan that won’t disrupt your home care coverage.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to caregivers?

Yes, just a few. To start, male caregivers may only care for male clients, although female caregivers may care for anyone.

While live-in companions must be provided a room with a bed, you are not required to provide them with meals or other provisions.

Caregivers may not ride or drive in clients’ personal vehicles (and vice versa), so all travel outside the home must happen via foot or public transportation (fees to be covered by the client).

How can I pay for home care?

Passion to Care works closely with prospective clients to figure out an affordable payment strategy. Most people pay via Medic-aid, long-term care insurance or out-of-pocket, but there are other state-funded waivers and financing options available.

Everyone’s situation is different. Get in touch for some friendly advice from our team of social workers and insurance experts.

Will insurance cover my full cost of home care?

Possibly. Our coordinators do their best to maximize the time you receive as dictated by your insurance eligibility (or out-of-pocket budget). The decision also depends upon the specific recommendation given by your doctor or discharge nurse.

Do I have to come to the office to enroll?

Not at all. Our helpful coordinators can communicate via phone.

An experienced staff member will ask you questions, take down your information, then begin the enrollment process right away. Soon after, someone will be in touch to set up a time to design your specific home care plan.

How long will it take for me to start receiving services?

A home care caregiver is typically in your home within a week of enrollment. The process depends on your payment method and other factors, so don’t wait! Get in touch today.

How do I start the admission process?

If you’re ready to request a home care caregiver, head over to our easy online Contact Form or give us a call during regular business hours at 678-967-8600.

What is the admission process like?

Once our team understands your specific home care needs, we will settle insurance or payment options and work quickly to assign the perfect caregiver.

You will be assigned a dedicated coordinator who will streamline paperwork and prepare your custom service plan. During this time,

we stay in touch to keep you updated on what happens next.