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Many families and seniors are choosing “aging in place” rather than move their loved ones to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. In-home care allows seniors to keep their independence, stay in the home they love, and avoid the high cost of a nursing home or facility.

Often seniors start with a few hours of in-home care, however, there may come a point when a senior requires 24-hour care to enable them to safely remain at home. Broaching this topic with your loved one can be met with resistance. Adjusting to having a stranger around can be hard, especially if your loved one is accustomed to living on their own. In addition, it can be difficult to realize you need more help and to accept that help.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you and your aging loved one smoothly adjust to 24-hour in-home care.

Establish Expectations

When you and your senior loved one know what to expect this will ease the transition to having 24-hour care. Establish that the caregiver is there to help and outline what sort of tasks they will perform. Sometimes it’s simply fear of the unknown that makes it harder to adjust to a new situation.

Know Your Why

Caring for an aging senior can be tough. You might spend hours arranging care and making phone calls. It can be especially demoralizing when your loved one themself is resistant or ungrateful. When it gets hard remind yourself why you are doing this. Reaffirm your goals. For example,

● I’m doing this so my loved one can have their independence.
● I’m doing this because I want my loved one to be safe, healthy, and happy.
● I’m doing this on the recommendation of our doctor.

Listen to Your Loved One

Your aging parent or relative has opinions, wants, and fears. Open the discussions with them and hear them out. You may be surprised to discover their perspective. Perhaps they care strongly that the caregiver should share their background, or they fear the caregiver will be uncaring and cold. You should take their personal concerns into account when arranging their care. They will feel validated and heard, and you will have a better understanding of their needs.

Give it Time

It will take time to adjust to 24-hour live-in care. Give them time to get to know their caregiver and develop a routine and relationship. It’s hard to get used to having a stranger live in your home and help you with very personal tasks. Keep an open line of communication with your senior loved one and the caregiver to hear if issues crop up.

If your loved one never had a caregiver before, consider starting slowly with a few hours a day, and then transitioning into 24-hour care.

Find The Right Fit

It’s important to find a caregiver whose personality and character go well with your loved one’s personality and needs. Be sure to meet the caregiver before they begin the job.

A home care agency will take most of this burden off your shoulders. They will conduct background checks, review the caregiver’s qualifications and certifications, and present you with caregivers who are the best fit for your needs.

Prepare the Home

When you hire a live-in caregiver, you will want to give them comfortable and clean accommodations. There are several laws regarding preparing your home for live-in caregivers. For example, the caregiver must be given their own room. No matter how great their relationship is with your loved one, they will naturally need a place where they can be alone and unwind. Caregiving is a taxing job, emotionally and physically.

They will also need space to store their clothes and personal items, as well as space in the bathroom to put their toiletries.

In addition, make sure they will be able to easily navigate the home and find the items they need to use to care for your loved one.

Keep a Log

It will be really helpful to keep a log of useful and important information about caring for your loved one. For example, the medications they need, their favorite foods, appointments they have scheduled, etc.

This log can be especially useful for a temporary caregiver, in case the usual caregiver has a schedule change or a vacation.

Passion to Care is Here to Help You

Arranging and adjusting to 24-hour in-home care can be a difficult process, both for you and for your loved one. If you have questions, concerns, or need someone to walk you through the process, reach out to our caring team at Passion to Care. It is our mission to make the entire process as seamless and pleasant as possible for you.

We treat each client to a rare combination of old-school care and next-generation technologies. Whether covered by insurance, Medicaid, or personal funds, our members enjoy all the comforts, dignities, and wellness advances everyone deserves.

Contact us​ at and we’ll provide you with the answers and support you need.